Tenga Egg Misty Masturbator – Remember July
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Tenga Egg Misty Masturbator


The Tenga EGG Series offers men the perfect masturbation aid. It'll change everything

They may look small, but their super-stretchable material can fit men of all sizes. 

They allow for more than stroking stimulation, as you twist, squeeze and pull to provide different and pleasurable sensations. Use it for solo play or with a partner and discover all the bliss one little shell can hide.

Misty is part of the hard gel series. Its texture is made of microscopic nubs that adorn the entire surface of the egg, creating a delicate velvet-like sensation. For those who are looking for a gentle or teasing texture, Misty is the perfect yolk.

Product Features:

  • Features rippling waves inside delivers an incredible flow of sensations.
  • Material: Polypropylene (Casing), and Thermoplastic Elastomer (Sleeve)
  • Lubricant included within (Egg Lotion)
  • Disposable - suitable for one-time use
  • Non-stretch size: 4.9 (D) × 4.9 (W) × 6.1cm (H)
  • Weight: 53g
  • Made in Japan