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Media Release

Remember July Media Brief:

In 2019, 53% of Australian households owned one or more adult toys or sex accessories. This was on track to be 60% by the end of 2020. Sexual wellness is now considered an essential part of the overall wellness and mindfulness movement. Yet, people rarely compare notes.

Culture is also loosening what it defines as a ‘normal sexual relationship’. The definition no longer has much to do with sexual preference, gender, sexual identification, or background.

Data published in 2020 by Forbes shows people under 38 are much less interested in monogamy and prefer remaining single. Many are open to polyamorous relationships. Sexual fluidity and pansexually is normalising.  30% of millennials engage in threesomes, with 42% of Z’s have been active in it. Data also revealed that around 10% of committed couples have experienced swinging. As a reference point, 8.7% of that same demographic practice yoga.

In 2020, because of the obvious, we got into baking, gaming and cocktail making, spent more quality time with the family, and clearly had plenty of orgasms. Sales of sex toys soared in lockdown for both first and returning customers.

This all made buying sex toys online part of the new normal. People now have better access to information, are researching more and have greater choice to make informed decisions about the sex toys they buy.  Many are looking for an authentic online adult shop, that stocks body safe, highly rated products from trusted brands.

This is why Remember July was created.

It’s an authentic online adult shop for 2021. It offers shoppers a different user experience by design and greater information about products and intimacy, while only stocking, body safe, trusted leading brands in the mid-price range. It’s a contemporary Australian online adult shop that’s all about design, wellness and of cause pleasure.

For the team at Remember July, the philosophy behind the site is to normalise the purchase of sex toys and do it with a little style. At the same time offer high quality products and service to empower women and men in their sexual adventures.

“We are open and honest about sexuality and everyone’s right to enjoy it safely and respectfully. Customers seem to prefer a site they can trust, that is approachable and informative, that sells high quality sex toys at the right price.

The products selected are the latest in design and technology, while being thrilling and beautiful so people enjoy owning and using them. Even the packaging is thought through – our products arrive discreetly and inside, beautifully presented like a gift.”

Remember July’s Journal contains original articles, written by experienced female journalists, on sexual wellness topics facing contemporary women, men and couples. It is designed to educate, entertain and encourage open conversation about sex.

Browse Remember July and you will find the industry’s leading vibrators, massagers, dildos, men’s and couples’ collections along with playful kinky accessories, lubricants, and condoms. Buyers can search for unique item or by globally recognised brand.

Products are made from medical-grade, nonporous materials such as silicone, elastomer, stainless steel, or Pyrex. They are all TGA Approved. No PVC’s, no artificial additives in liquids, and no nasty plastics. Remember July check all products are made with an ethical manufacturing process.

Remember July is led by a strong, mostly female team who are experts in sexual pleasure. They founded the business to provide an informative, beautiful site for people to discover modern sex toys without feeling overwhelmed or grossed out’

The quality of the products, service and delivery will blow your mind but not your budget. The price position is clear. Safety and quality do not mean expensive.

“We compare our pricing daily with the industry and provide our customers high quality at the best price.”

Remember July believes you should be proud of your sex toys, just like you are of your yoga gear. They are both personal items that give you great value and enjoyment.

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