Yoga and its sexual wellness benefits – Remember July
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Yoga and its sexual wellness benefits

Posted by Katie Montgomery on
Yoga and its Undeniable Sexual Benefits - Remember July

Yoga and its Sexual Wellness Benefits

Suzie’s legs trembled. Heat rushed to her thighs, and her breathing grew heavier. Feeling her lower abdominal muscles start to pulsate slowly, she felt both deep pleasure and a little alarm.

She wasn’t alone in her bed being touched or touching herself.

She was lying in a room with 11 other women, on her back on a yoga mat. But her legs were not shaking from exercise, and the wet V shape forming on her tight yoga pants wasn’t sweat.

As the soft voice of the yoga teacher intoned rhythmically “Breathe in...and out...”, and the sensual beat of the music made Suzie forget where she was.

She felt relaxed but focused, and a more than a little turned on. There was no mistaking what those waves of energy were that were shooting through her body.

She tensed, raising her buttocks slightly off the mat. She arched her spine, gasped, and then let out a deep sigh to release all the built-up tension.

“As I was lying there in this blissful, post orgasmic afterglow, I suddenly realised what actually happened. I thought shit, did I just moan out loud and come in front of a dozen people?”

First, she was a little embarrassed but she soon discovered that she had no need to worry - the other women around her seemed to be in similar states of bliss. The yoga teacher shot her a knowing smile.

“I thought, okay, now I know why people into yoga always seem to have shiny eyes and glowing skin - all these downward dogs and warrior poses - they must be getting off for hours,” Suzie laughs.

She is one of a growing number of women that have turned to yoga as a way both to de-stress, stretch, tone, and strengthen the body.

The search for zen has made yoga retreats a top travel trend, and this is likely to continue when the Covid restrictions are being eased.

Health wise, there are plenty of benefits to yoga which include improved flexibility, balance, reducing stress and anxiety, lowering blood pressure, and even improving brain function.

Perhaps a lesser-known benefit is one of the best. Yoga improves your sex life.

How?  Yoga increases circulation to the pelvic region, activates and engages the body’s core, sharpens focus, and increases oxygen levels in the body.

A 2009 study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine showed that yoga can improve “sexual desire, arousal, lubrication, orgasm, and overall sexual satisfaction.”

That study involved 40 women enrolled in a yoga program in India who followed 22 yoga poses, or asanas, that are believed to have positive effects on abdominal and pelvic muscle tone, digestion, joint function, and mood.

Nearly 75% of the women said they were more satisfied with their sexual life after the yoga training.

Sex researcher and author of The Coregasm Workout, Dr. Debby Herbenick, says that exercises that can bring on orgasm include those that engage the abdominal muscles, and make you relaxed and open to orgasm. All this can be found in yoga.

As well as these physical benefits, yoga helps you to be more mindful of the present moment, making it perfect for the many women who fail to reach orgasm having sex because their mind is wandering about something else - from their hairy legs to what to have for lunch. 

Regular yoga helps focus on the actual experience, which makes having sex more enjoyable and orgasms more intense.

To get maximum benefit from yoga, you should try and include different types of yoga in your routine. 

While yoga practitioners say it is best to learn several poses/asanas for an all over body and mind workout, if an orgasm is on your daily to-do list, you should try these poses:

The cow and cat
Get on all fours and slowly arch and relax your spine.

The bridge
Lie on your back and raise your buttocks in the air up and down several times which strengthens the pelvic floor muscles which pulsate during orgasm. It also strengthens the butt and thighs, making you a ninja in the bedroom.


Lie on your back and let your knees fall to the sides, literally opening yourself up to receive. It also strengthens the inner thigh muscles, which is great for gripping. 

Downward facing dog
With feet planted on the ground, bend forward, lift your tailbone in the air, and put your hands on the floor.

Lie on the mat and throw your legs over your head until your toes touch the mat behind your head.

Suzy says that when she returned from her yoga retreat, she had amazing sex with her partner.

“Not only was I a lot more flexible, I also felt more confident in my body and it felt like I could just get really into it much easier. He said he definitely noticed.”

Continuing her yoga practice, Suzy says she enjoys sex more and her orgasms are deeper and longer than ever before.

“Using some of the yoga poses, we have also done positions that I would never even have thought possible before. Plus, I am experimenting with sex toys like anal beads while I am doing my morning yoga - that takes it to a whole new level.” 

She jokes that she wakes up the cat up with all her moaning.

Orgasmic yoga is all about exploring your sexuality; and it stems from one of the oldest forms of yoga—Shakti yoga.

In yoga, the word shakti means “power” and “divine feminine,” usually referencing to energy. Shakti empowers us to be luminous, radiant, creative, and in-flow with the universe.

It blends dance or free movement with traditional yoga poses and it doesn’t have a clear lineage or strict rules. Instead, it’s inspired by the creativity, sensuality, and self-expression of the goddess.

Much like all types of yoga, the benefits extend to your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Experts who practise orgasmic yoga say that it has the power to change your life, so there could be much more in it for you than earth-shattering orgasms.

Suzy says she has never been more excited to get up to exercise at dawn.

“It’s so good for you. Just roll out your yoga mat and enjoy it. Soon, you may find yourself saluting more than the sun.”

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