My night with two strangers – Remember July
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My night with two strangers

Posted by Katie Montgomery on
My night with two strangers Remember July

A beautiful customer sent us her amazing story and we just had to share it.

Enjoy her night and please feel free to send us yours, if you dare.

My night with two strangers

They spoke in a language I had never heard before. It sounded Nordic, but they could have been from anywhere. The two men were obviously travellers, passing through town, but their intentions were clear from the moment they sat down at my bar.

I could see lust in their eyes. They wanted me, all of me, and not just one of them but both.

There were only a few other punters in that night as it was the middle of winter, and it was wet, hot and miserable outside. I was looking forward to closing early and hoped that these men would invite me to join them somewhere afterwards.

Them being there, looking at me the way they did, made me horny as hell.

I hate where I live, as nothing ever happens here. There’s a man drought in this state and most local boys I’ve known since primary school. The good ones are either happily married, gay, or had moved away years ago.

What’s left is a bunch of man babies and old crooners, and that’s about the last thing I’d want to fuck, even if the world would end tomorrow.

My last boyfriend was nice enough, but he was a selfish lover and had no idea how to satisfy a woman. When he wanted sex he’d grab my ass, awkwardly pull my clothes off, then push me backwards on the bed and slammed his cock inside, just ramming until he was done.

No kisses, no foreplay, nothing other than the same old missionary style and as quickly as possible if that.

I hadn’t had sex in months and as I’d find out later that night, I had never been fucked properly in my life. My vibrator was a lifesaver, but sometimes you just want a real hard cock to make you come. Or maybe two. These men turned me on, and I wanted to feel them inside me. No questions asked, just hot, hard sex.

I felt my pussy getting wet while I carried on putting bottles away and wiping the bar’s surface, having vivid pictures in my mind of what could be in store for me.

I’d worked at the Rustic Roof Tavern since high school, and my hometown must be the most boring place on earth. I craved excitement, and hot sex with strong, sexy, fabulous men.

Dinner service had finished a few hours ago the chef and waitresses had gone home. It was just me, serving the last few drinks, then close up.

The two strangers ordered another round and while I served them, I played with my hair and smiled at them seductively, keeping eye contact just a little longer than necessary. I didn’t want them to leave without seeing what could happen.

They must have felt the vibe as the tension in the room intensified.

The older man’s English was good and his deep voice with that heavy accent sounded hot, although he didn’t say much at all. They just drank their beer, observed, and spoke quietly with each other while undressing me with their eyes.

Just after I called last orders and when I was just about to turn on the lights, he called for me over.

He said just a few words, but it sent shivers down my spine and made my vagina tingle.

“We’re at the Hillside Hotel, room 17. Come see us.”

They got up, then left with one more all-meaning look at me.

The younger man, who was muscular and fiercely handsome, slowly took his last sip, reviewing me legs to eyes he whispers, “Come see us”.

In my 6 years at the bar, I had never cleaned and locked the place up as fast as I did that night. I quickly washed before I left, as I didn’t want to small like stale beer as I was thinking I may be very close to those two hot strangers very soon.

I practically ran to the hotel, took a deep breath, and knocked on the door.

The older man let me in and introduced himself as Ulrik.

The other man was standing by the bed, wearing nothing but a towel and still wet from the shower. He looked delicious.

Ulrik poured me a glass of wine and said his friend’s name was Lucas, and they were business partners. He explained they were from Denmark and travelled around Australia for a few months to check out some new products.

Then he asked if I would like to have a shower with him, and I said: “sure”.

With the shower all steamy and warm, he kissed me hard and let his hands explore my naked body. He was controlled, but certainly not gentle.  I loved every minute of it and surprised myself when I came like a lightweight when he put his fingers inside me and rubbed my clit.   

He allowed me a moment to recover from my orgasm, then handed me a towel and said: “Lucas is waiting. We’re going to make you feel real good.”

Back in the room, Ulrik told me to kneel in front of Lucas and I took his big cock in my mouth. It was hard, and huge, and I was ready right there to do anything they wanted me to do.

Ulrik watched us for a while, then placed me in a better position and immediately spread my cheeks apart. As he penetrated me from behind, while Lukas held my head firmly in place to easily fuck my mouth.

They took me long and hard, and moved me into positions I’d never imagined possible, swapping places, sharing so all had their turn. In some moments I didn’t know who was in my mouth or who I just came on. Having four hands and two tongues all over me, two hard cocks inside of me at the same time, and two attentive strong men pleasing me for hours was an experience I’ll never forget.

When it was done, all three of us were totally spent, satisfied, and sweating like mad.

We didn’t exchange numbers or asked for any details, and I left the room at 3.00am feeling exhilarated and completely fulfilled. It had me buzzing for weeks, and every time I’m alone in my bed with my vibrator, I relive the moment.

When I’m at work now, I often find myself longing for the door to open and another stranger to walk in, with eyes full of lust and a plan to take me away, even if it’s just for a few hours.

Right now, I don’t want a husband or a boyfriend. I just want to have great sex, and lots of it, with hot men that come without attachment or any expectations.

Where will I find them? Probably not in this godforsaken town.

I’m planning to get away to the city. I’ve only just turned 24, and I’m thinking about going to Sydney and get a job in a bar.

It’s time to go to new places, and live a life that’s full of adventure, pleasure, sex and excitement. I’m done with the same old routine, and I’ve got my two sexy Danes to thank for that. 

Written by Customer 0147

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