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How sex toys make for better sex

Posted by Katie Montgomery on
How sex toys make for better sex

How sex toys make for better sex

Australian women love sex toys, and guys are not in the slightest way intimidated by them. Does she keep a rabbit vibrator, g-spot stimulator, or vibrating bullet in her bedroom drawer? Yes. Good. This modern world of sex toys isn't just for women either. Men’s passion for sex toys are well catered for, with a focus on design, effectiveness and straight up sexiness.  

60% of Australian households have at least one sex toy. Take a moment. Yes. That’s basically everyone. Toys for sex and pleasure are no longer shady or a crazy wild secret, but widely recognised as health and wellness tools, and we think that should be celebrated. The question is how do you take your orgasms to the next level with something that gives you a little (or a lot) more clitoral, G-spot or P-spot stimulation?

Sex toys are not just meant for great solo play. The leading American and European designers have focused their talents on toys specifically for couples. Double fun!

Sex toys provide novelty, excitement, and greater connectedness in a sexual relationship. They help uncover new kinks for couples to explore and open up adventure together. From things like the little Flex mini dildo, with its thin shape that’s perfect for beginners, to Bluetooth enabled couples devices, everyone’s particular fancy can be catered for. Remember, you don’t get any gold stars for being the most modest.

What sex toy should I buy?

When thinking about what you want to try, also learn what your partner is into and how much. This sex toy or kinky accessory may just be for you, sure, though engaging your partner can make it all the more fun. Teach them how best to use it on you, use it on them, turn yourself on, or as that great finisher when one is done first… ? idk

Think about what you would like stimulated, how much penetration you want, how intense you want the vibration to be, and whether you want to add a little BDSM to the mix. Each sex toy can do multiple things. It’s about finding that match. We only stock body safe trusted brands at decent prices so the sex toy collections are a good place to start. Remember, like most enthusiasts, people have multiple tools in the tool box for different jobs. To start simply check out the Curious Collection.

Those Australian households mentioned before can tell you that using the right sex toy can completely elevate your sex life. Let’s get into exactly how sex toys make sex better, and what sex positions are best with sex toys.

Sex Toys and Sex Positions

1, Cowgirl and Reverse Cowgirl

Two favourite sex positions, the Cowgirl and Reverse Cowgirl, are totally sex toy compatible. Sliding on a vibrating cock ring such as the Je Joue Mio is a great place to start. You can basically fuck the way you normally do, but get lots of extra stimulation. With the Cowgirl, you can use a hands-free clitoral vibrator, a butt plug or two, anal beads, cuff him? — you name it. It couldn’t be easier to increase the excitement and fun here!

2, Fantastic Falacio

Not to be crass, though who doesn’t love having their pussy licked? Hands up. We know some partners are stilled in this exercise and some are less so. Try adding a beautiful ergonomically designed dildo, while they lick. Simple. Super easy and adds that sense of fulfilment to your orgasm. 5”, 6” or 8 inches?

3, The Modified Missionary

Standard missionary isn’t always most suitable for sex toy play, but a slightly elevated take on this classic sex position certainly is. Slide a pillow under your back to give yourself a little lift, then bend your legs in toward your chest to alter your angle a little further. From there, your partner can approach on their knees and do all sorts of wonderful things to you with a dildo or vibrator. Some sex toys are perfect for the missionary position that we all love, such as the Fun Factory LAYA II Lay-On Vibrator Stimulator. It’s versatility means you can use it in dozens of different ways. We can add a lot for ourselves in missionary with air pulse clitoral stimulators too from Satisfyer and Lelo.

4, Next Level Blowjobs

Try placing a vibrator against your cheek when you give a blowjob or put it under your chin to make your tongue extra magical whatever you are licking. The Le Wand Chrome Collection Point Vibrator’s contoured design is the perfect tool for this.  Just make sure to use a relaxed setting, as a rattling skull isn’t all that sexy. While giving a male a blowjob, wait until they are close to orgasm, then press a small bullet vibe such as the FemmeFunn Ultra Bullet against the area between his penis and anus. It will stimulate his P-spot and make his orgasm longer and way more intense.

5, All over Body Massage

Did you know that your vibrator can double up as a tool to give your partner a fantastic massage? The same vibrations that feel good for sexual pleasure also provide relaxing and enjoyable vibrations for the neck, back, and legs. With a wand vibrator, such as the Le Wand Personal Massager or the Post Modern Vibes Wand Vibrator you can give each other a tantalising all-over body massage. Guess where that will lead to? The Tenga male masturbators also add an extra to massage play.

6, Doggie Style with a Twist

Both men and women love this, as it’s the position that gives you the deepest penetration and the most control. The view is also great for him when he fucks you from behind. On your hands and knees, have your partner enter you from behind as usual, then grab your favourite vibrators and work on your clit while he thrusts. Our vibrator collection can show you the items you may want. Guys, give the Lumen by KIIROO a try if you want something truly different and mind blowing.

7, Hands Free & From a Distance

Remote-controlled pleasure beads, bullets, vibes, and plugs are the latest in hi-tech interconnected sex toys. Fuck from afar? Tease and play remotely? Wear one out to dinner or to a bar and press the button. Most likely you are not the only guests doing so at the restaurant. For couples who like to try something new together, we highly recommend the Lelo Ida Couples Massager with Remote Controller. It’s not super intense, but most certainly adds extra pleasure to your lovemaking. If he’s keen to try something spectacular, introduce him to the powerful Lelo Hugo Prostate Vibrator. His orgasm is guaranteed to be next level.

8, Share the Vibes

The ShareVibe Couples Vibrator is our absolute bestseller for couple play. This swanky strap-on or pegging toy is called revolutionary by its manufacturer Svakom, and that’s for good reason. It is harness-free, super-flexible, and bends easily so it can be adapted to a range of positions to stimulate both of you at the same time. Give it a try and you can thank us later!

9, Best Seat in the House

Grab a sturdy chair and let your partner enter you from the seated position, either one of you can use a sex toy to enhance your pleasure. In this position, you can use almost any sex toy but if you’re in for a real explosion and double penetration, the Lelo Soraya Wave Rabbit Vibrator and the Fun Factory G5 Big Boss Large G-Spot Vibrator are our favourites.

10, Yoga Poses with sex toys for better sex (there is a god)

As a keen yogi, I’ve incorporated a number of traditional yoga poses into my bedroom antics, and because I work here, I take products home to try. Wouldn’t you?  

Puppy dog pose - Uttana is when your hips are open and raised, a wonderful g-sport position as your partner, behind you, can introduce you to a g-spot vibrator or clitoral stimulator. Stretch and bend.

Happy baby – Ananda Balasana reminds me of an open invitation. This pose opens and exposes your hips and crotch while holding your legs open. Your ass through to your clitoris exposed and available, this demands a little vibration to be added. This pose has a high squirting possibility so just be prepared for that.

The standing split – Urdhva Prasarita Eka Padasana is really a scissor pose. While you are downward facing, your partner is front facing your fun bits. Try adding a Dame palm massager over her clit and obviously add your tongue.

Downward facing dog – a common and well-rehearsed pose for lovers of yoga and sex. Being approached from behind just how you want it. This must be why I like it, and that’s its easy. Try adding a sexy anal plug as it create that double penetration, full feeling and give them a beautiful view.

A Tad more Adventure

In our Playful Accessories Collection, you’ll find a range of beautiful and exciting items to get you started with bondage, BDSM and Dom/sub play. If you’re not a novice at this, our designer range won’t disappoint you either. The Lelo Etherea Silk Cuffs for instance are made with 100% pure silk and soft sheepskin suede, which makes them oh so elegant and super sexy at the same time.

When tied onto your wrists or ankles, these cuffs are the perfect sex toy to restrict or control your movement. Combine it with a Coco de Mer Blindfold made from soft leather, our Fetish Collection Riding Crop, feather tickler, leather spanking paddle or flogging whip and you’re all set for a thrilling hot night.

Sex Toys for Everyone

Here at Remember July, we only stock the best sex toys from the world’s leading body safe trusted brands. We sell non-toxic, dermatologically tested lube and top-quality condoms from pjur, LifeStyles, and Lelo, in our range, too because it’s always better wet. Whatever you’re into when alone or together, there’s so much fun to be had with our sex toys and playful accessories. Check out our new arrivals now, and sign up to get 15% off your first order!


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