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Excuse me, I have sex toy questions

Posted by Katie Montgomery on
Sex Toy Questions Remember July

Excuse me, I have sex toy questions and would like real answer please

As you can imagine, we get a lot of questions about sex toys here at Remember July. If you’re buying your first vibrator, you want to make sure you’re choosing the right one, for you. You may not know all you want to about kegel balls or butt plugs.

To make things easy, we went through and selected the most relevant questions from customers to take a real look what people want to know about sex toys.

Even sex toy aficionados sometimes have questions about certain products. As we’re excited to make your sex toy shopping experience as enjoyable as possible, you can ask us anything! We are shame-free, sex-positive, and all about good vibrations. Add your questions in the comment section below and we will answer it.  

Maria from Sydney asked: “How do I know which vibrator is right for me?”

We said: “Your first vibrator is a magical tool for self-discovery, so have a think about what kind of stimulation works for you. What would give you the most pleasure? If it’s clitoral, you could try a small vibrator. A pocket-sized vibrator with different speeds, intensity settings and thrilling patterns is a great toy to start with. If you enjoy penetrating yourself, or having a partner penetrate you, try a vibrator that has G-spot-seeking curves and a rotating head. Or combine the two with a quality rabbit vibrator as it can give you a full-body orgasmic experience.”

Naomi from Canberra asked: “My partner and I want to try bondage. Where should we start?”

We said: “A little bondage in your life can be fun and super exciting, but there is no exact formula for how to do it. You and your partner should begin with the fun and easy stuff. We have some playful learner accessories for bondage play in our range, from beautiful handcuffs to rope, whips and light floggers. The best thing to do when you are new to this is for you and you partner to clearly communicate with each other, so you both know upfront what to expect, and you both know where the line is. That usually helps remove nerves too as you both know that, yes, this may feel silly but we will give it a crack. Here’s an article we published about it that explains all this further.

David from Fairfield asked: I want to explore anal but I’m afraid it’s going to hurt. Feels gay and I’m straight. Any advice?” 

We said: “Anal sex can give you mind-blowing pleasure, but it takes some preparation. Just like you do a warm-up before a workout, you need to do anal foreplay before you go for the full monty. It’s important to feel completely supported and relaxed. If you are tense and forget to breathe, your first experience will probably be your last, so prepare well. Slowly ease it open, with a finger and with lube, as you relax. Again, remember to breathe! It’s just a bit of fun, so chill and enjoy this unique feeling. Another option is to try a butt plug or love balls first, and if you like it, explore it further.

A few basics: always use lube, begin slowly, and don’t put something that has been in your butt into any other part of your, or your partner’s body . And for the record, butt play is completely normal, straight men and women are the main purchasers of anal toys. Them and me.” 

Ishil from Brisbane asked: “The Interactive App Controlled feature, how does it work?”

We said: “Handing over the controls can be extremely hot and liberating. With an app-controlled sex toy you can play with a partner from across the room or anywhere in the world over the internet. Using Bluetooth technology, you can connect to your hands-free vibrator via their associated apps.

Their original purpose was to physically interact with live-cam sex workers. Hugely popular. However, with the ongoing travel restrictions being experienced, we have seen a big take-up of sexual technology with regular couples who simply miss each other.

Some are wearable and quiet, where others have LED lights for a visual vibration display. The user manual of your device has all the instructions, and they are super simple to set up. Whichever model you choose, we’re sure you’ll have lots of sexy fun!” 

Kate from Dee Why asked: “We love our silicone toys but were told we should be using natural materials, like gemstones and steel. What are the benefits?”

We said: “Stainless steel sex toys are awesome in so many ways. They will last you a lifetime and are super hygienic and easy to care for. There’s no need to charge them, the material will never degrade, and they are super cool looking, adding sophistication and style. Imagine being the one at the party holding a beautiful stainless steel massager! Stainless steel is also heavier than what you’re used to playing with, which means it adds pressure and weight to your sexual play without a lot of manual effort. Give them a try as we’re sure you won’t regret it.”

Jessie from Rockhampton asked: “I hear you have egg masturbators for men, too. How do they work? What are they?

We said: “Yes, we do stock the Tenga EGG Series and they are amazing fun and super affordable. The eggs are super-stretchable, ensuring a snug fit regardless of your size. Each design comes with a different sensation, from rippling waves to the sharp sensation of thunder. They all have unique internal details so you can try different feelings (mouths ;-), and each comes with a water-based lubricant . These sex toys are bliss in one little shell, but you can only use them once. If you’re looking for something more technical and realistic, or a masturbator for men with advanced technology, you’ll find all that and more right here.” They will change your life dude.

Chyou from Perth asked: What kind of lube should I buy?”

We said: “Using lube when you’re having sex or playing with your toys is the smart thing to do as it reduces friction between your skin and the person/object/body part that you are playing with. It also makes anal sex safer and more enjoyable. There are different types of personal lubricants on the market, but you can’t go wrong with a quality water-based lube. It gives the most natural feel, is safe for sensitive skin, and can be used for penetration, masturbation, and sex toy play. The bonus is that it doesn’t leave stains on your sheets or clothes. The only downside we can think of is that it’s not great for water play or shower sex as it will just wash away.”

These are just a few examples of the questions we get asked, and hopefully they help you choose a sex toy that you will love. If you have questions about sex, or any of our sex toys or accessories, there’s no need to be nervous about asking our team for advice. We’re here to help, we want you to have lots of fun, and we’d love to hear from you.

Have your question answered by adding it below. We will jump right on it.


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