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Answers to your sex toy questions

Posted by Katie Montgomery on
Answers to your sex toy questions

Sex Toys Questions – Let’s talk some more

Following on from our last post in the Journal, more questions about sex toys have come our way. Because Remember July was founded to give you a safe, ethical, non-tacky and high-quality place to buy adult pleasure items in Australia, we love hearing from you. If you have any questions about our products or how to use them, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Seb from Wollongong asked: “Will she just use the vibrator from now on? She seems to like it more.”

We said: Mate, we hear you but a man who doesn’t want a vibrator involved when having sex with his girl is simply missing out. The myth that people use sex toys because they think their partner isn’t good enough has been squashed by experts a hundred times over.

For women, sex toys are perfect to give them mind blowing orgasms and for men, this can lead to kinkier and more rewarding sex. It can do the heavy lifting for you, and you can both have more fun. The vibe can assist you in satisfying her completely and you can cum when you want because the vibe can finish the job. What’s not to love?

Nikki from Melbourne asked: “How do I know which products are safe to use inside my body?”

We said: Sexual health is a huge priority at Remember July. Unfortunately, the sex toys industry is still largely unregulated and nasty materials and potentially toxic chemicals are still commonly used to make cheap sex toys. Rest assured; you won’t find any of that on our site. There’s nothing more important than your health and wellbeing.

Just like you are careful about the food you eat and the cosmetics you use on your skin, you need to know for sure that your sex toys are safe. Everything we stock is made from body safe materials, responsibly sourced, and ethical. We wouldn’t want it any other way.

Tanya from Port Stephens said: “I’d like to try bigger. Bigger than my partners have been? How do I approach that?” 

We said: There are lots of reason why a woman wants big, and that seems to have little to do with the actual human penis size. We sell plenty of our massive 8” girth dildos and some are even bigger than that. Our customers love them. Some women use larger ones because they can stimulate their g-spot more, or they like the feeling of being all filled up.

A dildo does not come with a man attached and a man has a lot of wonderful features - his whole body, his warmth, his hands, his smell, his weight, his voice, his mouth, and on and on. Also, if a woman is using a huge dildo for masturbation or couple play, it will have no effect on the ability of a smaller penis to fulfil her. Vaginas are built to stretch, and they snap right back into shape.

Pat from Byron asked: “Are the couples toys any good? Don’t they get in the way?” 

We said: Sex toys for couples are awesome! They are a fun way mix things up in the bedroom (or wherever) or to try something new and exciting together. If you’re both into it, go shopping! Decide on what you both like first and talk about what kind of penetration you want, how intense you want the vibration to be, and whether you want to add a little BDSM or not. From hi-tech to simple and effective, we have it all here at Remember July. Fun times ahead, my friend.  

Grace from Geelong wanted to know: “Do you sex toys make you cum too fast?”

We said: That all depends on which sex toy you choose and for what purpose. Air pulse stimulators for example give super power to your clitoris and yes, they can make you come in seconds. Couples massagers, wands and g-spot vibrators and warming massagers are great for foreplay and they will give you a nice build-up to your orgasm. With a rabbit vibrator you can go either way. Have a look around our Top Sellers section, as we’re sure you will find something that’s right for you.  

Jamie from Portland said: “I’m thinking about gifting my partner a sex toy; is that weird or offensive?”

We said: It’s not weird at all, just don’t gift a vibrator to someone if you think it might offend or upset them. When gifting a sex toy to your partner, their reaction will depend on if they already own a few sex toys or are they completely new to the experience. If you haven't talked with them about vibrators and sex toys before, have the conversation first and feel it out. If you're not too sure what your partner would like, get them a gift card so that you can pick something out together. We posted a Sex Toy Gift Guide earlier that’s full of great ideas.

Chloe from Hobart wanted to know: “If I use my vibrator a lot, can that do damage or make me desensitised?”

We said: No babe, don’t worry. As long as you have a quality vibe made from body safe materials and you clean it properly after use and store it safely, it won’t harm you at all. Vibrators do not give you overstimulation injuries and the so-called Dead Vagina Syndrome (DVS) is fake news. Experts from around the world agree that this story is made-for-the-internet nonsense.

However, if you feel your vibrator use is interfering with your daily life it might be worth examining the habit. There’s nothing wrong with taking a break from it every now and again. Just do what feels right for you and let the good vibes roll. It’s totally okay.

If you have a burning question about sex toys or getting it on, just leave a comment below. Remember that nothing’s too much, there are no taboos, and you can literally ask us anything.


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